The Echo Chamber is a knowledge platform for sharing and amplifying diverse perspectives, innovative ideas and great thinking from people who are fulfilling their life’s purpose.

My brilliant, visionary friend, mentor and EchoWolf co-creator & collaborator Rich MacAlmon suggests some core values for an incubator space needed in these crazy social media times without rules or professional decorum.

Rich says, “It’s hard to share a new idea that’s going to get “piled-on” by corporate teammates — let alone the forces of Facebook or Twitter.” A new idea is a fragile fleeting thing – it needs a place (a cave) where the gods of fear are chained.. so that free thinkers can imagine and pursue possibility-thinking and bounce ideas off other liked-minded people without fear of retribution (or being eaten alive).

“EchoWolf’s Echo Chamber is that safe space incubator and place for new beginnings of a new idea away from naysayers and cynics that abound and rail against change. When the idea is more fully formed, and can stand the test of democratic debate – others can enter the conversation to explore the strengths/weaknesses, opportunities/problems and threats the new idea may present. Over time and in a healthy democracy, such discourse is welcome to improve the body of work, continuously.