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My brilliant, visionary friend, mentor and EchoWolf co-creator & collaborator Rich MacAlmon suggests some core values for an incubator space needed in these crazy social media times without rules or professional decorum.

Rich says, “It’s hard to share a new idea that’s going to get “piled-on” by corporate teammates — let alone the forces of Facebook or Twitter.” A new idea is a fragile fleeting thing – it needs a place (a cave) where the gods of fear are chained.. so that free thinkers can imagine and pursue possibility-thinking and bounce ideas off other liked-minded people without fear of retribution (or being eaten alive).

“EchoWolf’s Echo Chamber is that safe space incubator and place for new beginnings of a new idea away from naysayers and cynics that abound and rail against change. When the idea is more fully formed, and can stand the test of democratic debate – others can enter the conversation to explore the strengths/weaknesses, opportunities/problems and threats the new idea may present. Over time and in a healthy democracy, such discourse is welcome to improve the body of work, continuously.

Wolf Leadership

“A wolf pack: the first 3 are the old or sick, they give the pace to the entire pack. If it was the other way round, they would be left behind, losing contact with the pack. In case of an ambush they would be sacrificed. Then come 5 strong ones, the front line. In the center are the rest of the pack members, then the 5 strongest following. Last is alone, the alpha. He controls everything from the rear. In that position he can see everything, decide the direction. He sees all of the pack. The pack moves according to the elders pace and help each other, watch each other.”
Cesare Brai’s photo.

Despite the images popularity, the attached description of the inner workings of a wolf pack are inaccurate. I contacted the Wildlife Division of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and spoke with several biologists from their Wolf Team who indicated they were not aware of any research to support the claims.

The photograph was taken by Chadden Hunter, it was featured on 2011 BBC , photo has had 141,K shares., Facebook posts, …This story is not true, Researchers dispute alpha. David Mech senior scientist said, “Alpha isn’t accurate in describing of wolf packs, it implies that the wolves fought and competed strongly to get to the top. The way, they mate with opposite sex, producing of spring, becoming natural leaders.”

Bob Inman, PhD

Carnivore and Furbearer Coordinator

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

P.O. Box 200701

Helena, MT 59620-0701


“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” Rudyard Kipling

Wolves have vision. They are master communicators and collaborators in building strategies that benefits their pack, themselves, their community and ultimately the planet. They naturally operate in the spirit of teamwork, loyalty and communication, amazingly never becoming board or weary of their task. They are constant observers, using all of their senses to record and remember the most minuscule details. They recall past memories and are keenly aware of present and potential future conditions that may impact their world. They analyze opportunities, their physical surroundings and the mental and physical state of each member of the herd they are pursuing. Their mastery at hunting leads them to places that have the highest probability of success. Wolves acknowledge and respect their alpha leaders then assume roles and share in the responsibility that support the welfare, and sustainability of the pack. Wolves cooperate and work in harmony with one another, coaching and teaching the young how to play their part in the leadership of the pack – sometimes just taking time to rest and renew. The wolf pack exists for one another and is critical to their viability as well as helping the environment for the next generation.