EchoWolf Solutions has collaborated with Jeff & his partners on business projects, new ventures, and service opportunities, providing referrals, introductions and strategy consulting for over two decades.

Nick Akins, CEO & Chairman introduced EchoWolf Solutions to his then Chief Security Officer.to explore a technology solution that could advance the safety of the AEP team and the community in general. When Stan retired, EchoWolf provided business & marketing strategy coaching, referrals, executive connections then assisted in branding, developing a new logo, LinkedIn Profile/Business Page for Relentless Effort, Stan’s Leadership coaching business.

Grace Carleton has in-depth experience as a learning and development professional, working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies. She is a skilled executive coach, trainer and facilitator who has worked with EchoWolf Solutions customers and partners in enhancing leadership and communication skills throughout the organization.

EchoWolf Solutions has consulted with Doug and Lynne Seus, founders of Wasatch Rocky Mountain Wildlife, who has provided animal stars for over 25 major motion pictures, hundreds of TV shows, commercials and documentaries. Sally White was a board member and current volunteer of Vital Ground, a non profit land trust that protects grizzly bear habitat in western North America. As a trusted advisor, marketing and business development strategist, Sally . developed the product launch of a unique line of bronze bear sculptures, by famed Bart the Bear trainer and artist Doug Seus. Sally assisted in Growing Up Grizzly 2, a 2004 film staring  Bart the Bear, Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt and Vital Ground’s 30th anniversary virtual auction, featuring Bart’s first painting.