The ECOSYSTEM contains essential elements in building and sustaining a successful business. Our best-in-class Wolf Pack of collaboration partners have proven experience in each area in preparing and assisting our customers closing commercial and government business.

Business Planning & Strategy

         Developing Business Plan including

– Description

– Market Analysis

– Competitive Analysis

– Products & Services

– BizDev & Sales Atrategy

         Mission, Vision, Goals 



Digital Marketing Strategy (MarCom, MarTech, etc.)

Assess existing or develop strategy aligned with  mission & vision

Assess existing or develop marketing strategy aligned with Business Strategy

Identify buying persona’

Develop current and future marketing campaigns; align with revenue objectives

Branding story & messaging

Collaborate in developing branding story, logo, color palette, messaging

Ensuring messaging, content  is consistent and provides value to potential customers, partners

        ,Publish content, design website,  collateral, social media, trade show signage and elevator pitch 

Aligning messaging with prospective customer needs, industry focus, etc.

Assisting with content; writing content for website, blogs, social media platforms

Conferences and trade show planning & campaigns

Optimizing conference dollars with pre-event campaigns, social media, LinkedIn, mass emails

Scheduling key appointments in advance with potential customers and strategic partners

Researching conferences then providing recommendations based on alignment with customer targets

Attending conferences, setting up booth, working booth with or without company marketing people

Lead Generation and funnel conversion strategies

Create company events, user groups, campaigns

Marketing staff augmentation

Engage as Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Specialist, Event Planner, Creative, etc. to supplement the client team

Digital Marketing Support

Enhancing LinkedIn profile, developing LinkedIn lead-gen campaigns

Digital advertising, Google analytics, Google Ads, PPC, Geo-Fencing, Targeting 

Designing and sending mass emails, nurturing campaigns

Develop social media campaigns – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Develop blogs, White Papers, Thought Papers, etc. to support and extend brand

BizDev and Sales

Assist in developing funnel and conversion strategies

Support selection of CRM, Marketing automation and other technology/tools that support lead gen and conversion

Develop sales processes, contract templates, etc.

Website optimization

Develop cleaning, SEO optimized websites

Ensure messaging, SEO is up to date, leveraging Google Analytics, etc.

Write compelling content for website

Develop infographics, etc.

Research, R&D

Competitor analysis, identify opportunities, trends in a particular field

Product/service lab for researching ideating and bringing new products & services to market

Develop product launch campaigns

Executive Uber Connector

Make C-Level introductions, set-up meetings, etc. digitally or in person