Diversified Diamond Products (DDP) is a 30-year-old Arizona S-Corporation that integrates proven technologies to accurately accomplish the tracking of material, personnel, processes including high-value, high-quality industrial products, safety supplies, and automated asset-tracking systems. Accu-Traq®, a Division of DDP and CribMaster software and hardware tailored to meet challenges in the Nuclear Power Generating Industry.


DevonWay is a leading provider of Continuous Improvement and Digital Operations applications to customers across industries as diverse as Energy Generation, Government, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Construction. Our technology bridges the gap between legacy systems of record and personal productivity apps. By combining flexibility with enterprise-quality software practices, we strive to be the means by which high-reliability organizations transform, digitize, and continuously improve their operations.


A freelancer whose primary goal is to increase website traffic, conversions and sales. Florian is a Digital Marketing Specialist, including experience in SEO, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest), content marketing, email marketing, PPC (Google Adwords, Bing Ads) and SEM (increasing google ranking by orders of magnitude) on an optimized website.


Freestyle Marketing Group is an independent, full-service advertising agency, with offices in Salt Lake City and San Francisco, that offers integrated services and award-winning advertising capabilities, including brand strategy, media planning, website development, digital and search engine marketing TV/radio/newspaper/magazine/direct mail advertising concept and production, collateral design, branding and logo design. We work collaboratively with clients to deliver meaningful results. Our loyal local, regional and national clients, who target B2B and B2C audiences, have all benefited from the research-based output and outcome of our efforts.


GAP Engineering
GAP Engineering provides a broad range of process engineering, project management, and process control services that assist clients in achieving higher efficiency, reliability and operational cost savings. GAP provides Engineering Excellence through process and engineering service automation tools ensuring on time, on budget projects delivered with quality and safety. Gap Engineering is an 8(a) Certified Minority Business and a member of the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council performing projects nationwide.


GSE Systems
GSE Systems, Inc. (GSE) is a world leader in real-time simulation software that helps nuclear utilities and laboratories optimize their training with equally innovative technology and applications. Our breadth of solutions and services helps you to Deliver the Nuclear Promise of increased efficiency and excellence in safety and reliability.


The MARATHON Consulting Group offers cost-effective technical and business solutions to the power generation and nuclear power industries.  MARATHON’s experienced management team has an established and successful track record resolving technical, business process and Safety Culture issues.  Our strong grasp of the competitive and regulatory challenges that our clients face permits us to provide innovative solutions that enhance their competitiveness and positions them for success.


Sondra Noble is a highly experienced administrative professional providing a myriad of services to organizations including: research, data entry, documentation CRM management, accounting, account management and extending life-time customer value.


One Ear Up

One Ear Up Communications specializes in connecting content to the masses through unique storytelling and strategy.  Fueled by an energetic passion for people and content, One Ear Up launched in 2017 under the leadership of Andy Siegel, an award winning journalist and media executive.  One Ear Up is a partner equipped to handle everything from strategy to ideation through execution – all with one ear to the ground and another in the air, ensuring nothing gets missed.

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The RBL Group
The RBL Group advances the science of Human Capital to support safe, reliable, and economic performance. Their in-depth experience aids companies around the world streamline operations, optimize cultures, create lasting change, and build sustainable pipelines of future-oriented leaders. The RBL process of reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and maintaining safety evolves from the creation of organizational alignment between people and processes; enabling the realization of an organization’s full value potential and long-term sustainability.



Helping small and medium Business in implementing Salesforce CRM and delivering better sales results with more certainty and greater customer insight. Get 360 degree view of your customer and plan your future marketing strategies. Transfer you data from old database like excel or sql to Salesforce.


SalesX, winner of the 2016 Best Small PPC Agency & Best Local Campaign by US Search Awards is a professional digital marketing agency whose advanced team of marketing scientists push through digital marketing boundaries with their SalesX suite of service offerings. These include electrifying campaigns and search engine strategies to optimize key words & queries to maximize conversions and revenue.



SAVAVO helps businesses achieve predictable and profitable growth by providing a unique blend of software and services. We have pioneered the concept of “Smarketing” … the integration of sales and marketing into one discipline. We provide clarity, accountability, and infrastructure through education, support, and software. Whether you need a fully-outsourced marketing department, some coaching/consulting to get you to the next level, or award-winning software solutions to make your marketing more strategic and accountable, SAVAVO is the solution to turn your marketing into a science!


SEAMLESS SIGN SERVICES is a sign fabrication company located in the Great State of Utah. Serving businesses with a need of a sign to optimize their unique services and products. Seamless Signs provides products best suited for their clients from a wide range of sources utilized in today’s technology and not forgetting to incorporating old school techniques. In addition, provide signs repair services, working with cities to insure ordinances are represented for clients, we are insured, and a licensed Utah sign contractor.


Sheffield Scientific
Sheffield Scientific was created by veteran energy business professionals with proven skills and exceptional experience in all aspects of enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), Cyber Security and Compliance business processes and applications. Our mission is to help energy, utilities and merchant power producers achieve and sustain excellence through superior software application and business process optimization, accelerated workforce training, and the development, management and execution of programs that speed transition, increase efficiency, and reduce the cost of managing physical assets. Our goal is to provide performance that consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations and objectives.


StitchDX is a digital experience agency focused on helping organizations reach and engage all their customer audiences—internal and external. Our services and solutions optimize user experience, improve marketing, and leverage technology to achieve high-impact growth goals around employee engagement and customer acquisition. We help organizations navigate the dizzying landscape of technology choices and leverage the right digital experience platforms to improve work management and collaboration, as well as drive strategic marketing efforts.


StrategyDriven Enterprises
StrategyDriven offers the experienced-based insights of seasoned business leaders complimented by a vast array of fully developed program assessment, enhancement, and implementation methods; performance analysis tools; ready-to-use programs; and best practice libraries. StrategyDriven Advisors help client executives improve operational performance, increase regulatory margins, and optimize resource use with proven methodologies and quantifiable cost savings.


SynOvation Solutions is an innovative consultancy that helps enterprises with their Really Hard Problems™ – any type, any size, any industry. We use our proprietary methods to first rapidly develop and document a thorough understanding of each problem, then help our clients craft innovative solutions, often by adapting powerful and practical technologies or techniques already used by other industries. SynOvation Solutions’ Principal, Bruce Tow, started his career in problem solving with four decades of work in IT, architect over 100 enterprise applications including the first 30 applications built at Oracle. Bruce is founder and CEO of Synthesis Institute, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit dedicated to the multidisciplinary problem-solving space, and is on the board of Quatere, another 501(c)(3) not-for-profit which spins off multiple entrepreneurial incubators. Bruce has a B.A. degree in Mathematics from Dartmouth College.


Uptake is a leading independent advanced analytics software company creating a world that always works. Our preventive maintenance software and deep operational and equipment knowledge paired with our predictive capabilities help our customers reduce capital outlays, generate operational efficiencies, operate safer environments, and strengthen reliability. Uptake provides solutions for industry giants like Berkshire Hathaway Energy subsidiaries.