USNIC Expands Focus on Promoting New Nuclear

Washington, DC – The United States Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC) announced today that it is expanding its focus within the U.S. government to support the nuclear industry’s intergovernmental coordination for deployment of micro and small modular nuclear reactors.  “Our goal is to assist industry at all levels within the government to meet the current and anticipated demands for advanced nuclear technology.  We are initially concentrating our efforts within the Department of Defense (DoD), although we are not limiting our focus exclusively there,” said C.H. “Bud” Albright, Chairman,President and CEO of USNIC.

“As the benefits of advanced nuclear technology become abundantly clear, the need increases to assist industry and the government in deployment of smaller and safer means of generating electricity.  Among the first-movers in government toward this goal is the Department of Defense where recognition of the need to deploy advanced technology for security purposes, and for the benefits of zero emission generation of electricity, is becoming clear.  Advanced Nuclear Technology aids in making DoD’s domestic infrastructure more resilient to an attack on the electricity grid.  Moreover, these reactors enhance the ability to respond quickly with delivery of electricity for forward operations, and to avoid system outages, without increasing carbon emissions,” Albright continued.

To support this commitment, USNIC announced that they will be joined by two new senior advisors, The Honorable Alex Beehler, President of Alex A. Beehler & Company, LLC who was Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy, and Environment) 2019-2021, and Sally White, ExecutiveBusiness Consultant, Force Multiplier, and Founder and CEO of Echo WolfSolutions. “The experience that these two outstanding individuals bring toUSNIC is hard to overstate,” Albright emphasized.

Alex Beehler has decades of experience in government and particularly DoD.  He brings extensive experience of how both the government and particularly the DoD decision-making process operates.   At the Department of Army, Alex recognized the particular importance of focusing on planning for accelerated deployment of advanced nuclear technology to provide various military installations access to secure and clean energy.

“If we are to move our energy security for military installations into the availability of twenty-first century energy demands, we must move forward, as rapidly as possible, with smaller, safer, secure, and in some instances portable, sources of generation of electricity. Advanced nuclear technology brings to the market the means to ensure this goal.  That is among the numerous reasons why I am excited about helping USNIC escalate its focus on helping accelerate advanced nuclear technology deployment, not just in the DoD, but throughout our government as well,” said Beehler.

Sally White, a longtime supporter of USNIC and the broader energy industry, plays a crucial role in connecting people, building relationships, and implementing strategic development campaigns.  As a trusted advisor and superb connector of people in the nuclear industry, Sally has introduced advanced technology solution partners, EPC’s and prime contractors to electric utilities, DOE, DoD, and industry executives for over a decade. She has been highly successful in securing government grants for her clients, and has collaborated on numerous projects withUSNIC, NEI, EPRI and University of Utah Nuclear Engineering where she became anIndustrial Board Member in 2013.

“I am excited to engage with Alex, Bud and theUSNIC team in connecting our current and future members with DoD and other opportunities to provide game-changing technology solutions for shaping and contributing to achieving nuclear power for American forces at home and abroad,”said White.

“Providing support throughout advanced nuclear development, demonstration, and deployment is the primary focus of USNIC.  I am excited that our leadership is taking yet another step forward in assuring that the promotion and deployment of these sophisticated technological advances move forward throughout government,” saidJeremy Harrell, USNIC Board Chairman.